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  • The focus of this collection is to present items of unique design and interest in the best possible condition for the discerning buyer. Please note that even when the item is marked “mint,” it is still old and, therefore, is more fragile than a new item.
  • Excellent condition does not mean mint. If an item has been used, it will generally have at least subtle signs of wear. It is both unrealistic and unreasonable to expect a vintage garment to have the same durability as a new garment.
  • Collectors and lovers of antique/vintage clothing are often willing to live with a few minor flaws in order to obtain qualities lacking in modern mass-produced goods.
  • The condition of each item is described in the listing.
  • All vintage garments need to be treated with care. “Wearable condition” means “gentle wear”—please remember the age of the garment.


In order to protect these treasures, I ask the following:

  • Please notify me within 24 hours of confirmed receipt of the item.
  • Returned items must come back in exactly the same condition they were in when posted
  • The item must be returned immediately.
  • The returned item must be insured for the full amount. Until I receive the item, you are liable for the cost.
  • Due to Customs fees, I do not accept returns on International purchases. Therefore, the sale is complete when the purchased items are delivered to customer, customer’s agent, or Customs Agency. Delivery itself finalizes the sale.
  • If these conditions are not met, the return will not be accepted.


  • I do not refund postage costs or PayPal fees. They will be deducted from the total amount of your refund.
  • Refunds are issued immediately upon receipt of an accepted return in good condition.
  • There are no refunds on items damaged during postage. In that case, you must file a claim with the carrier.